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Video: Ride the Bull V as seen from above

You've seen the photos of Caminada Pass packed with more than 700 kayaks during last weekend's Ride the Bull V, but you can now get a different perspective in a video shot using a drone. And it's amazing.

Female paddle boarder wins Ride the Bull V

Ride the Bull V winner Kalley LeRoy hands over her winning 26.14-pound bull red to a chase boat crew member Saturday morning. LeRoy, of Denham Springs, caught the redfish standing up on a paddle board in Caminada Pass.

Kalley LeRoy added a little extra ‘extreme’ to the Ride the Bull V Extreme Kayak Tournament Saturday out of Bridge Side Marina on Grand Isle.

Action and appetizers to catch more amberjack

The AJ’s “eye shadow” is an unmistakable feature.

An interested amberjack needs no coaxing. If they see it, they’ll eat it.

Amberjack’s family tree

Smaller, but no less scrappy, the almaco jack is often found in the same neighborhoods as amberjack.

Dark-brown backs, white bellies, a faint golden stripe running nose to tail and a distinctive dark line that reaches from the eye to the anterior (front) dorsal fin are some of the defining marks of a greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili).

Best amberjack fishing gear

Heavy fly gear offers another fun way to catch amberjack at the surface.

Capt. Hunter Caballero’s amberjack gear is no joke: stout, 7 ½-foot rods with Penn 30-wide reels carrying 200-pound braided line.

Philosophy of a predator

Tommy, or Carl as some people call him, Vidrine has made a name for himself at Grand Isle for catching big trout. Some people admire him; others are jealous.

“I try to think like a fish,” said Tommy Vidrine, dark eyes burning fiercely. “A predator like a trout is different than a redfish. They will be a predator and a scavenger. Speckled trout are always predators.

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