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Welcome to Fishing Venice! If you are looking for the best resources on fishing in Venice, Louisiana, you've come to the right place. Fishing Venice has all of the latest information on guides, reports supplies, lodging, weather, tides, marinas and more.

Fishing Venice has everything you need to plan your next trip to Venice, down to the very last detail!
Paul Brown’s Corky lures still catching big speckled trout

MirrOlure’s Paul Brown’s Soft-Dine baits were designed for fishing the shallows and catching trophy size trout and redfish.

Corky lures are a Texas legend. Originally hand produced in a Houston garage by Paul Brown, the bait became famous for the huge trout that consistently fell for it.

Vinson’s top fishing picks for November trout, reds

Fish are closer in this month, so you don’t have to blast off and make the long hauls to Breton Sound or Black Bay.

Capt. Joe Vinson agreed to share a few fall hotspots that should produce some fish for anglers this month.

Venice voyage

The Mud Lumps just southwest of South Pass are usually great for speckled trout and redfish throughout the summer but also can be a wintertime hotspot.

Dear Capt. Paul:

Fishing info needed for wintertime fishing around Venice. I am going there shortly with some out-of-state friends.

Mellow Down — Top fishing tips for Delacroix’s fall trout and reds

MirrOlure representative Drew Davis gets a bite after seeing signs of bait in the water.

Ah, sweet November. Brisk air, falling leaves, cooler temperatures and the official end to hurricane season.

Island hopping

James Kellum shows off a nice “Island” red caught near Lake Leary.

When it comes to easy access, protected water and a smorgasbord of fish, kayak anglers need look no further than Delacroix Island. Known locally as “The Island,” this historic St. Bernard Parish commercial fishing village is a kayak angler’s dream. The fishing area is unlimited, diverse and kayak friendly.

Rigging up

The Fouquiers’ standard reel is a Shimano 50W Tiagra. Note the circle hook attached to the leader with knot.

When Kim and Blake Fouquier leave the dock, they carry a small arsenal of rods and reels. Their basic tuna rigs include Tiagra 50W Shimano Two-Speed Lever Drag reels mounted on J & M Tackle custom rods.

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