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Island hopping

James Kellum shows off a nice “Island” red caught near Lake Leary.

When it comes to easy access, protected water and a smorgasbord of fish, kayak anglers need look no further than Delacroix Island. Known locally as “The Island,” this historic St. Bernard Parish commercial fishing village is a kayak angler’s dream. The fishing area is unlimited, diverse and kayak friendly.

Rigging up

The Fouquiers’ standard reel is a Shimano 50W Tiagra. Note the circle hook attached to the leader with knot.

When Kim and Blake Fouquier leave the dock, they carry a small arsenal of rods and reels. Their basic tuna rigs include Tiagra 50W Shimano Two-Speed Lever Drag reels mounted on J & M Tackle custom rods.

Taking care of the ride

The day always starts on a clean boat for the Fouquiers, but it ends up being messy with tuna blood. The team makes sure their 29-foot boat is always ready to run the next trip.

For fishing 50 or 60 miles offshore, the single most important piece of equipment is a fisherman’s boat and motor.

Why October?

Team Fouquier has become spoiled by good trips, when the deck of their 29-foot cat-hull boat is full of yellowfin and blackfin tuna.

Tuna fishing as described here is not a year-round sport. While yellowfin can be caught off of the Louisiana coast all year, October is special. After a couple of cold fronts, the hot-blooded fish come nearer to shore from their usual deep-water haunts.

Find steel to find tuna

Catching tuna in October is all about finding big steel-hulled offshore shrimp trawlers at work. Blake Fouquier is in the foreground, followed by Kim Fouquier and Eric Brown, looking for tuna in their chum.

The fall Grand Isle tuna game starts with finding big deep sea, steel-hull shrimp trawlers at work.

Chum! It’s what’s for breakfast

Baskets of chum are brought on board for the day’s fishing. Note the ripe condition of the pogies in the open container.

Chum, and plenty of it, is a critical part of catching fall tuna ghosting under shrimp boats. Chum can be almost anything fishy, and it doesn’t have to be fresh.

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